Thursday, 22 March 2012

Slight change of plan, and a new milliner

The change of plan is because I wasn't at college yesterday after all - I went to a 'web fuelled business' seminar, which was very interesting and informative (although they threw so much info at me my head was swimming by the end of it!).

So, anyway, my point being that I'll be playing with my sinamay bias brim over the weekend instead of doing it yesterday at college.

I did, however, stay in my sewing room late tonight (the husband being home late), and made another silk flower for practise.  This one in a wedgewood-ish blue silk dupion.

The new (to me, anyway) milliner is Laurence Leleux, a Belgian milliner now in Germany, who's doing some  very interesting things with sinamay.  She's actually doing some stuff that I find interesting generally, but I'm keeping a particular eye out for sinamay that I don't intensely dislike at the moment, for obvious reasons!!

Her website is here

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