Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Muse....

I'm behind with writing up much of my research - I'm doing the actual research and reading, just not finding time to put it on here - that may not change for a couple of weeks, due to the re-enactor's market (TORM), which is coming up, but I'll be able to catch up after its done (think huge craft / trade fair with a several thousand customers through the door!).

Anyway, in the meantime, I've been musing on a muse.   As part of the brief, we have to choose a muse, so I've been thinking about who to choose.  I've pinned it down to one of two silent film stars (if I turn out to be completely indecisive, I suppose I could always split the hats between them, or add another and do one each).

Anyway, the two I've pinned it down to are these:

Lillian Gish 

Louise Brooks

Obviously, they're very very different women.  Lillian Gish was an actress of the Edwardian age, who made most of her films before 1920, and who embodied the silent heroine in distress (although there was a lot more to her than that).  Louise Brooks was a strong independent woman who was very much of the 'flapper' age, who was daring and didn't mind shocking people.

Hats focussed around them would be very different!

I'm probably veering more towards Louise Brooks, but I'm not going to decide for a while yet.

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