Friday, 9 March 2012

"Women of the Future" (c1900 style).

I have no idea how much, if anything I'm going to be able to add to this blog in the next week and a bit.  TORM (The Original Re-enactor's Market) is next week, and of course, orders come above all else, so I may have to defer posting till after that's done.

Anyway, before I go off to the land of being (metaphorically) chained to my sewing machine, and tangled up in my hand sewing threads, I thought I'd add these pictures (below).

A friend posted these to Facebook yesterday, and I thought they were really interesting, and fitted in with the background of the research I'm doing for this project.

This is a set of French cards, showing the photographer's idea of 'Women of the Future'.

Although clearly, I don't think that they were meant to be taken seriously as how women would look in the future - I think they were probably done as a semi-comical erotic idea of what women may be like in the future.  BUT, I think it's really interesting that the people behind them could contemplate (even if not seriously) the idea that women may one day work without horror - they could contemplate that women may one day wear trousers, or less enveloping clothing - or that women may smoke - but they could not envisage what really happened - that women cut their hair, and gave up (as other than a subcultural item) the corset.








Drummer boy??





Master at Arms




NB translations from the French for the captions are from Google translate, so may be slightly off - apologies if so.

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