Friday, 10 January 2014

Photo Project, part one. 6th January - 9th January 2014

The first couple of photos from my year of taking pictures...

January 6th - A mucked up picture taken of our Christmas tree, just before I took it down and packed it away for the year.  A cat bumped into me just as I was taking the photo, and I like the streamed lights...

January 7th - I had 'girl flu' (which I described on facebook as being like 'man flu', but cooler), so spent the day at home on the sofa, wrapped up under a blanket.  George-cat (the eldest of our cats - he's 13), clearly decided that was the best place to be too.

January 8th - Taken at Leeds Station, of the view, from platform 17, across to the building affectionately known as 'The Dalek', which regularly causes streets around it to be closed, due to the creation of a sort of wind vortex that endangers life...

January 9th - the view at the end of our street in the afternoon, as I waited for a bus.  The stark contrast between the bright white buildings (actually the offices of a glass factory), and the dark foreboding sky caught my attention.

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