Thursday, 16 January 2014

Photo a Day Project - Part Two, 10th - 14th January 2014.

Part two of my little project...  before that, though, an advance apology for typos and bad spelling.  I have a, a new keyboard that I'm not yet used to, and b, a finger that I sliced open with a pair of thread snips this morning, so expect some weirdness.

10th JanuaryPart of the mural that was painted last year to brighten up the underpass under the railway line, at Mirfield railway station.  If you're coming from the Manchester side, this is what greets you at the bottom of the steps.  Entirely painted with spray cans, graffiti style, it took several days to paint the whole thing.

11th JanuaryWe went to visit some friends last weekend, and I had to stop off at work to pick up my diary, so we got the bus from Mirfield to Huddersfield, as my pass covers me for countywide buses, but not trains.  These two shots are taken from the bus on the journey (hence the smeariness on them - bus windows).

January 12th I took a few photos on Sunday.  First up, an old petrol pump (not functioning), at the corner of what used to be a garage, that we walked past on the way from our friends' place to the railway station, in Greenfield.

Secondly, the street that the petrol pump stands on, looking towards the direction of the station.

We made it to the station in time for the train, and that train made it to Huddersfield for our connection, and then the train got stuck outside Mirfield for around 40 minutes, because there was a signalling fault at Dewsbury.  I'm just happy that it seems to have been a genuine fault, as there seem to be quite a lot of 'suicides by train' in the Dewsbury area.
And at least the view was ok:

January 13th - This is a  particular type of plant (I have no idea what it is - if anybody fancies enlightening me, leave a comment), but one grows on the side of the path on my way to the railway station from home, and on the way to work from the station at that end.  Months ago, I took a picture of the green star-like fruit clusters, because I thought it was interesting, and that I could use the shape somehow on a hat of some sort.  Now it's in fruit!  This is the one on the way to the station from home.

January 14th - Another day when I took a few pictures - all very similar.  I was late home from work, so missed the bus by the time my train got in, and the moon was full and bright, but kept being hidden or half hidden behind clouds.  I took these as I walked home from the station.

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