Monday, 1 July 2013

Our End of Year (and End of Course) Exhibition at Leeds College of Art

After a few very wordy posts (sorry any not-college-related readers, they're coursework, so have to be written  :p  ), some pictures!!!.

Of our final shows...

The shows were titled (fairly appropriately) 'This is Not the End'.  This is the sign outside college, advertising the shows.

The whole of college is transformed into a gallery for the duration of the shows, with classrooms being boarded out to display the work of the students.

This is a picture I took last year, while making my 'Lit up' hat, which shows our little millinery workroom in the background.

After the builders had been in, and while we were setting up, and painting plinths, it looked like this (and yes, that is me with my back to the camera, in my overalls):

Picture by Emily Ellwood

 After we'd finished setting up, it looked like this:

Excuse the bags and boxes in the foreground, I took these as I was packing down)

My stand was in the corner by the door:

Then after I'd gone in and broken down my stand, it looked like this, in the space where my stand had been:

And six days later, the whole room looked like 
it did in the beginning again!

Pieces of our work were also displayed outside the millinery room.  This is me alongside my James Brindley hat - those were displayed in individual cases just inside the main first floor doors, at the top of the main staircase.

And on the right below is the picture (taken by Jessie Leong) of my blue and neutral suede headpiece, on the wall, opposite the Brindley hats

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