Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Christian Walking the Coast of Britain...

This post has nothing at all to do with millinery, or sewing, but I'm writing it anyway :)

There's a chap called Christian Nock.  Last year (8th August), he set off to walk the coastline of Britain.  All of it.  Anti clockwise.  And sleeping rough pretty much every night (though he accepts offers of garages and barns to sleep in).

'Why?' I hear my reader cry.  Simple - he's raising money for Help for Heroes, and he's raising awareness of the homelessness of ex-soldiers.

I don't know him... I just found him a while back on Facebook, and have been following his journey ever since.  Obviously, for me, the issues hit fairly close to home.  I've been homeless (as a teenager).  My husband is a former soldier with PTSD (and many of the homeless veterans are suffering from some sort of trauma).

There is now also a petition going, to attempt to get the British government to match the money that Christian raises (his target is £100,000, and he's at £75k or so).  Given the shameful way that the government abandons former service people, largely washing their hands of them once they've used them and broken them, leaving the NHS and families to pick up the pieces of situations that they're not equipped to deal with, that can only be a good thing.

This is his facebook page

And this is the petition

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