Sunday, 23 September 2012

Progress on black hat, and other stuff...

So I have done some research on the internet for my black hat - lots of info on dark stars, and dark matter, and normal stars, and lots of pictures of starscapes and outer space on the Pinterest board (and some random pictures of nails and things that came up on google image, that I thought were interesting or kind of cool).

I'm still a little jumbled on it though - I have some very vague, half formed ideas, but no picture in my head as yet.  I've been reading some books on branding and 'how to design a collection' for this years college work proper, and I think I need to pick a market to aim for - so I think I'm going to look at the Goth / Burlesque markets - Goth obviously comes up as a thing when you search on 'black', and I'm off to see a friend in a Burlesque show at the end of next month, so it all fits - and it may help to focus me a bit.

The other stuff... I finally got some decent pictures of most of my hats to date, so I'm just in the process of cleaning them up, and I'll add a gallery page to this blog.

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