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Bibliography for 'Summer Collection' 2012.

This is the archive of my research bibliography for the project from last (academic) year.  I'm going to be using the bibliography page for research for my final collection, so I'm putting this to one side!

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Bibliography of websites looked at, and books used in research (broken down roughly by subject area).

Please note that this is a complete bibliography - some I have read either all the way through, or the relevant chapters - others I may only have looked at two or three pictures, or a read a couple of paragraphs.  The ones I have used most are in bold text.

Historical / period research

Through the Looking Glass: A History of Dress from 1860 to the Present Day
    Elizabeth Wilson and Lou Taylor - BBC - 1989

A Hat Maker Remembers: A Conversation with John Reed-Crawford.
    Recorded and transcribed by Debbie Henderson, 25 July 1994.
    Costume: The journal of the costume society - No 32 - 1998

Fifty Hats That Changed the World
    Robert Anderson - Conran Octopus Ltd - 2011

The Emancipation of Women
    D C Brooks - Macmillan - 1970

Gillard D (2011) Education in England: a brief history

A Century of Change: Trends in UK statistics since 1900

The Cut of Women's Clothes: 1600 - 1930
    Norah Waugh - Faber - 1968 (1994 reissue)

The Visual History of Costume Accessories: From Hats to Shoes: 400 Years of Costume Accessories
    Valerie Cumming - Batsford - 1998

Dress and Morality
    Aileen Ribeiro - Batsford - 1986

Haute Couture
    Richard Martin & Harold Koda - Metropolitan Museum of Art - 1995

Dressmakers in Worthing, 1920 - 1950
    Ann Wise - Costume (the journal of the costume society) - No 32 - 1998

Hats: A History of Fashion in Headwear
    Hilda Amphlett - Dover - 1974

A Shriek in the Night (film - director Albert Ray) - 1933

Be Yourself (film - dir Thornton Freeland) - 1930

A Star is Born (film - dir William A Wellman) - 1937

The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss (film - dir Alfred Zeisler) - 1936

The Thirteenth Guest (film - dir Albert Ray) - 1932

The Young in Heart (film - dir Richard Wallace) - 1938

Pandora's Box (Die Büchse der Pandora) Dir George W Pabst - 1929

Diary of a Lost Girl (Tagebuch einer Verlorenen)  Dir George W Pabst - 1929

Nosferatu (Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens)  Dir F W Murnau - 1922

Metropolis - Dir Fritz Lang - 1927


Summer Millinery
The Cutting Edge: 50 Years of British Fashion 1947 - 1997
   Amy de la Haye (Ed) - V&A - 1996

Hats: Make Classic Hats and Headpieces in Fabric, Felt and Straw.
    Sarah Cant - Black - 2010 (image search)

And via Pinterest:

NB - I have also looked at some images on Pinterest that are not credited to their original source.

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