Tuesday, 25 June 2013

In the meantime....

I'm finishing up my coursework, (for which I thankfully got an extension, due to the poo-head client of mine who decided not to pay me a substantial amount of money (and yes, it still wrankles, as is probably evident!)), so there'll be lots of posts going live in the next couple of days that are currently in 'draft' mode, as I add the last bits to them.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share my bit in the local paper, the Pontefract and Castleford Express.

We had to write press releases for college, and I thought, 'well, since I've gone to the bother of writing it, I may as well e-mail it to anybody and everybody (relevant) whose e-mail address I can find.  Obviously, journalists get tons of these things, and I was sending it completely  unsolicited, and out of the blue, so I was all prepared to be ignored by everybody.  I wasn't prepared when the nice lady from the local paper actually e-mailed me in reply, saying she wanted to put something in the paper about me.

Anyway, I did an interview over the phone, and a nice photographer came round and took some pictures of me and some hats, in my workroom, and then in the back garden.

And they printed the one in the garden!!  On page two!!  As picture of the week!!  (I'd expected to be buried away on page 37, just underneath news about the local school fete.)

Anyway, this is the photo I took of the photo, just to prove it really happened  :o)

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