Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Photography, Photoshop, and Indesign...

I loved today at college.

All morning messing about with cameras and lights, and all afternoon learning to use adobe in design to create promotional postcards (mine not yet done, but well on with).

I took some photos in black and white - more than I meant to, because although I intentionally switched to b&w, I then couldn't work out how to switch back....  (ahem!!!).    That said, some of the black and white ones are my favourites of the whole session - and I know that in theory you should photograph in colour, because you can always greyscale in photoshop, but I actually do think that photographing in black and white to start with gives a different feel to the pictures.  Or it did for me, anyway, because I messed about with the light balance differently.

Also, fab news that we can borrow lights as well as cameras from college, meaning that I'll be able to properly photograph every hat I've so far made, as well as the ones to come in the next few months.

Anyway, I went for the black background, which I really love - I like the way that you can bounce different amounts of light off it, and create completely different effects - far more than with a white background.  (I know lots of selling sites insist on a plain white background, and I'll do it because of that, but it's sooooooo dull!)

And of course, I loved messing about with the lights and lighting effects (made me feel quite at home, albeit they were photography lights, not stage lights).

So, some of the results (my favourites):

More to do with our tutor than me!

Again tutor, not me!

And again

This one's all mine, and perfect for a postcard or similar (deliberately framed wrong)

I just framed this one really badly - not deliberately, but I really like it.

This one was definitely tutor, not me, (though I let off the flash).  Done with a long exposure, and the waving of a torch around in the background.

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