Monday, 18 February 2013


I've signed up to a website called 'Model Mayhem' (as a milliner, I hasten to add, not a model, since I'm possibly the least photogenic person on the face of the planet).

I've been looking at pictures of models within a 100 mile radius of Leeds.  Firstly, to look at lots of pictures to get ideas / firm up my ideas (and to make my mind clearer on what doesn't work); secondly, to see if there's anybody out there who would be willing to work on expenses / for pictures, for a poor underpaid student!

I have to say, it's extraordinarily depressing.  There are some girls on there who are stunning, and have masses of potential.  There are others who are incredibly pretty, and dying to be models, but who you just know that they're never going to have that dream come true.  And then there are others still (some as young as 16) who seem to think that they have to be mini versions of Katie Price, or Jodie Marsh (huge hair, lashings of fake tan, make up an inch thick, pouty provocative poses, etc, etc) in order to be 'a model'.

It's just heartbreaking, both from a point of view that many, if not most, of these girls, will basically have their dreams crushed, and from one of 'whatever happened to feminism?'

Anyway, all of that said, I'm slowly compiling a list of models who are willing to work for pictures, or expenses, or are willing to negotiate, and who have some personality coming through the photos.  One of the things I'm finding interesting is that all those on my list look striking, but not one of them looks remotely like any of the others.

All i need now is something for them to actually model!!!

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